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Can you produce resources for [module X]?

I usually produce resources for whatever modules I teach. For the new A Level I am producing resources for all "Pure Year 1" chapters (including the ones I'm not teaching this September!) and the Stats chapters, but Mechanics will have to wait as I will likely not teach that till the year after, nor will I have time to produce resources for everything at one time.

Will you ever produce YouTube videos?

Yes, I will be soon, and I'm armed with a giant roll of brown packing paper! Each 'skill' on the homework platform will have an associated video, made accessible via a 'Videos' section site (which has already been coded), or when a student clicks the 'I'm Stuck' button while doing a question with that skill. The logistical problem is getting it filmed (which I will be doing at school). Given the start of the new A Level (September 2017) this will likely somewhat delay me in producing videos.

Do you do speaking engagements on enrichment, etc?

I used to regularly speak at the Maths In Action events at the Institute of Education in London for The Training Partnership, on revision technique for A Level mathematics students. You can find the slides here. As a full-time teacher I can't otherwise take time off, but please contact me if you wish to discuss anything regarding this.

How can I contact you?

Email me at