About the Site

So you're eventually charging for your homework platform right?

There is no intention to charge at any point. I know the usual drill: Such sites often offer their services for free for the first year to build up a user base, then out comes the price tag. I respect that teachers (or former teachers) have a right to profit from their work that is ostensibly superfluous to their responsibilities as a teacher. I have just chosen not to. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. DrFrostMaths has always been free for the 5 years it has been in operation (and I have been a teacher). I get great satisfaction from knowing the resources are used in tens of thousands of classrooms (with downloads in the millions), and from each nice comment I receive.
  2. While I'd usually describe myself as fairly economically liberal, one reason I remain in the state sector (although completely respect all my colleagues in the private sector, as well as value the support I have received from them) is my opinion that social mobility is influenced to the greatest extent by educational opportunities. I appreciate first-hand that school budgets are stretched and feel it's important for the resources/platform to be available regardless of schools' or families' income.
  3. I have existing agreements with both Edexcel and the UKMT with regards to use of their questions, which I made after I decided to stay free. Were I theoretically to charge for some or all functionality, these agreements would have to be renegotiated and likely result in loss of these questions from the database. It's no secret that I'm a big advocate of the UKMT and I'm very keen to support their work.
  4. I make use of discreet banner ads to cover the running costs of the site.
  5. Were I to charge for accounts I would likely have to reduce my school teaching hours to dedicate more time to the site and managing subscriptions. I love my teaching job and wouldn't be prepared to do this!
  6. The 'for profit' aspect of my work is my tutoring business, which already supplements my school teaching income.

Can you produce resources for [module X]?

I usually produce resources for whatever modules I teach. For the new A Level I am producing resources for all "Pure Year 1" chapters (including the ones I'm not teaching this September!) and the Stats chapters, but Mechanics will have to wait as I will likely not teach that till the year after, nor will I have time to produce resources for everything at one time.

Will you ever produce YouTube videos?

Yes, I will be soon, and I'm armed with a giant roll of brown packing paper! Each 'skill' on the homework platform will have an associated video, made accessible via a 'Videos' section site (which has already been coded), or when a student clicks the 'I'm Stuck' button while doing a question with that skill. The logistical problem is getting it filmed (which I will be doing at school). Given the start of the new A Level (September 2017) this will likely somewhat delay me in producing videos.

Do you do speaking engagements on enrichment, etc?

I used to regularly speak at the Maths In Action events at the Institute of Education in London for The Training Partnership, on revision technique for A Level mathematics students. You can find the slides here. As a full-time teacher I can't otherwise take time off, but please contact me if you wish to discuss anything regarding this.

How can I contact you?

Email me at