Add New School

You can set the logo once the school has been added.

Please ensure you have checked whether your school exists first. After submitting, DFM support will review your request and check the existence of your institution. We will reject any request that:
  • Is not either a school, nor an established public service (e.g. prisons, hospices, registered larger community projects).
  • Is a tutoring agency or an explicitly for-profit institution.
'Home tutoring' does not constitute a school; in the future we are creating a new 'parent account type' which will allow this.

If you wish to allow multiple extensions, separate with the word OR (uppercase), putting the preferred one for registration forms first. Specifying email extension(s) allows DFM to detect whether students have used a personal or school email address.

If set to Yes, students won't appear in any global leaderboards. Note that if set to No, students only appear as their first name and a surname initial.