Please note that I'm no longer accepting new students (even for next academic year) and can only take ad hoc bookings during school holidays. I am gradually scaling down my tutoring business to concentrate on DrFrostMaths.

I am Subject Leader of Mathematics at Tiffin School, offering private mathematics tuition in the London area, covering KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5 (including Further Maths), and catering for the full range of ability levels. I am a finalist for the Global Teaching Prize appearing in publications such as the Evening Standard and the i ("Meet one of the World's Best Maths Teachers"), as well as on BBC News. I was a former undergraduate, PhD student and admissions tutor at Oxford University, graduating with a 1st class degree. In 2012, I received an Oxford University Teaching Excellence Award (of which only 4 such awards were issued within the Maths, Engineering and Science faculties combined) from the Vice-Chancellor for my contributions to both departmental and college teaching. In 2017 I received a Jack Petchey Leaders Award.
The resources on my website are used by millions of teachers and students across the country, with close to 7 million downloads. The 'homework platform' on the site, with initial funding awarded by the Mayor of London, is used by over 7000 schools nationally and internationally. In November 2015 I appeared in the Times Educational Supplement as the featured resource author of the month, and I have been an invited speaker on multiple occasions at the 'Mathematics in Action' and 'Computer Science in Action' events at the Institute of Education in London. These are series of events for A Level students and teachers; which includes speakers such as Simon Singh, Sir Vince Cable and Lord Robert Winston.

I was a Gold winner at the National Teaching Awards 2018, appearing on BBC2 on October 28th.

I have tutored a large variety of students, from school Year 4 to A Level Further Maths, with a variety of ability levels. Many students have shown outstanding improvements in attainment: in 2017 for example, one student, in the bottom set at a comprehensive school and receiving special permission to take the Higher Tier paper, received a 7 under the new GCSE system (equivalent to an A). Many other students I have tutored have moved up by one or more sets. For younger students, my teaching style consists of three fundamental elements: cementing school curriculum knowledge by giving an in depth understanding of the material, enriching knowledge by exploring theory beyond the curriculum, and thirdly, promoting an intellectual curiosity and love of mathematics via the exploration of interesting mathematical puzzles and problems. I also have experience working with lower ability students, for example maintaining a regular focus on core numeracy skills and mental arithmetic strategies whilst helping them grapple with the more abstract areas of mathematics.

For older students, I have knowledge and experience of a variety of exam boards, including EdExcel, AQA, OCR, OCR MEI and the IGCSE qualification. I specialise in exams for Gifted and Talented students, including STEP, Maths Challenges and the Mathematical Olympiads. For the last of these, I have worked with several students within the top 50 nationally, both in and out of school. I have been part of my own school's rise in success in national competitions.

Please note that I do not offer 11+ tuition under any circumstances, and can not tutor existing Tiffin students.

Thanks so much for all your help. I can see that he has come on by leaps and bounds in his maths, but more than that he is more confident, positive and has learned better study habits. You've been such a positive influence for which I am very grateful.

Card from parent (2018)

My son frequently mentions you with admiration and it shows how passionate about teaching the subject you are from our conversations.

Email from the parent of a Year 9 student.

She confidently answered all the questions. All thanks to you. You have made a huge difference to the way how she thought about maths. You are very unique teacher, and we are lucky we had you for the revision time.

Email from the parent of a Year 11 student I tutored, after their GCSE exam.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your pivotal role in [our son's] progress; without which this would not have been possible. [Our son] often speaks to us regarding how much he enjoys and look forward to your classes.

Email from the parent of a Year 8 student.

Dr Frost is the best maths teacher I have had yet since he makes it very interesting and engaging and he clearly loves the subject and is a great teacher. Especially the interactive powerpoints, revision guides, revision sheets and website he has made which make learning maths so much easier and more enjoyable than reading from a textbook.

Lower Sixth Former in departmental feedback survey

Dr Frost is an exceptional teacher. He always explains things in a clear and relevant way, and makes sure that everyone understands before moving on. He always sets questions that are relevant to what might come up in an exam, and thus I feel well prepared. He is a great example as a teacher!

Lower Sixth Former in departmental feedback survey

From teachers/inspectors

This was an outstanding lesson in every respect.

Latest lesson observation, Oct 2015

The features that most of all make Jamie an outstanding teacher are his exceptional commitment to the school and the subject, and his love of mathematics, which captures the students and makes a significant contribution to their SMSC development.

C Gray, Educational Consultant and former HMI (Her Majesty's Inspector) for Mathematics, in his report after inspecting a lesson at Tiffin.

It is difficult to conceive of a new teacher having a wider or deeper knowledge of mathematics than does Jamie.

K Parramore, Chief Examiner of A Level Decision Maths, 2012

From my time at Oxford University

It has been an incredibly rewarding experience, primarily because Jamie is such a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. He has patiently and creatively filled in the gaps in my maths background, providing enumerable off the cuff explanations of everything from differentiation to matrices. He is cheerful and relaxed in the sessions, but never loses sight of the goals for that day. And he puts in additional time preparing crystal clear "extended class answers" which are extremely helpful. It is obvious that teaching is his passion, and that he is genuinely invested in making sure that his students have understood the material at a fundamental level. I will always be grateful to him for shepherding me through this difficult material, and will always feel privileged that I was able to work with such a gifted teacher.

Professor M Palmer, University of Colorado

Dear Jamie, I just wanted to thank you for being by far the best teacher I have had so far at Oxford. I scored 82 and 86 in IS and ML [Machine Learning] respectively and hence moved up to a 2:1 overall. Your future pupils will be very lucky to have you.

Email from an undergraduate student.

Jamie has demonstrated an incredible dedication to ensuring my understanding of not just course material, but extensions of topics beyond the scope of the class. Not only does he craft supplementary notes with external resources and examples of topics to ensure that information is presented both thoroughly and clearly, but more importantly, what sets Jamie apart is the undivided attention he gives to each student individually, whether by patiently walking through examples step by step, or in my case, taking the time not just to respond but to research and discuss my many questions--going well beyond the level of help I had anticipated. Perhaps most remarkable, however, is that even with all of his effort, Jamie never appears frustrated or tired of explaining, what to most, would appear as some of the most mundane topics of Machine Learning or Computational Linguistics. To him, each and every tutorial appears not as work but as an opportunity to share what he loves with his students and as an opportunity to perhaps discover new aspects of well known ideas - a smile always appearing on his face as he momentarily puzzles over a student's question or over a familiar equation he has just seen in a different light. Jamie is truly a remarkable teacher--enthusiastic, patient, and above all dedicated, and it has certainly been a pleasure to have him as my tutor.

Visiting student from Princeton University.

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  • Main Rate: £60/hr Includes tutoring from my property and Skype/Zoom. Please note that I no longer travel out for tutoring appointments.
  • Additional students: 50% extra for each additional student (max 3 students)