Expanding Single Brackets

Expand and simplify an expression involving a single term in front of each brackets (i.e. not double brackets)

Z Wakas

25th May 2022 Flag Comment

i like maths


24th May 2022 Flag Comment

wt yh right

A Ahmed

18th May 2022 Flag Comment


D Torrens

14th Apr 2022 Flag Comment


L Le Nay

26th Mar 2022 Flag Comment


M White

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21st Mar 2022 Flag Comment

verey yes good

K Ellis

21st Dec 2021 Flag Comment

Also I agree with A Sajid.

K Ellis

21st Dec 2021 Flag Comment

Hi I am in year 7 and we are using Dr Frost for our hwk and Dr Frost maths is really helpful.

O Niblett

15th Dec 2021 Flag Comment

i enjoy the sweet aroma of simultanious equations

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Mrs E Purnell

17th Sep 2021 Flag Comment

I sent a message before and have realised that for some reason when I try to save this file it saves as gobbledegook. I don't know if its my computer or something else but I can view ok.

Mrs E Purnell

17th Sep 2021 Flag Comment

I'm surprised the lesson slide uses unusual symbols instead of the usual letter/number combinations that would make it easier to follow

A Sajid

11th May 2021 Flag Comment


H AL Moghrabi

21st Mar 2021 Flag Comment

thank you

R Rana

14th Mar 2021 Flag Comment

thank you

N Konieczkowski

24th Feb 2021 Flag Comment

during lockdown its pretty good btw.

S Bill

30th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

i like it because it has helped me revise maths things that i was finding difficult

M Hyde

1st May 2020 Flag Comment

this is great, cos during lockdown i dont need to worry about my end of term tests. it really heped me revise!

I Choudhry

11th Apr 2020 Flag Comment

it is sick

E Laine

17th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

it's really nice cuz I can revise for an exam

E Laine

17th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

This is am amazing maths app cuz you can learn about the topics that you don't understand , by watching videos or looking at slides by example .

D Kumar

14th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

i like it, thanks mmr.frost

C Patel

30th May 2018 Flag Comment

I like this it helps you if you're stuck on a question

Teach Me

2nd May 2018 Flag Comment

An amazing website that made my whole class enjoy learning maths.

Dulwich College student

13th Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Great responsive website.

Tiffin Student

26th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Great website. Thank you Dr.Frost

S Farwana

21st May 2017 Flag Comment

Tiffin school is the best thing that ever happened to me and DFM is a sick website. So if you think it is that bad stop using it to write bad comments.

Alex Duffy

21st Apr 2017 Flag Comment

On the slides labelled "Yr7-Brackets.pptx" slide 7 question 3 is incorrect for the second shapes perimeter. It says 2a+10 but I believe it is actually 4a+10.

S Farwana

2nd Apr 2017 Flag Comment

In fact, I am have the absolute opposite of s iftkhar's opinion. This website is very fast and is very productive when I need to revise for an exam. So thank you Dr Frost for that.

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