Guide to your Casio FX991EX-Classwiz

Explains all the keys and modes of the Casio FX991EX-ClassWiz. Covers integration, differentiation, summations, changing bases, solving polynomials, solving quadratics, solving simultaneous equations, matrix operations, vector operations, spreadsheet mode, statistical functions, distribution calculations and complex number operations.

D Person

26th Apr 2022 Flag Comment



5th Apr 2019 Flag Comment

How do I solve chi square using my casio

E Stothard

7th Dec 2018 Flag Comment

So epic

T Watson

22nd Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Very cool, thank you very much. THIS IS EPIC

Mr P Lambert

23rd Sep 2018 Flag Comment

A fantastic guide. It would be great to have an external link to this resource too, so that any local school content includes just the link to the current version. A few lines of local code rather than myriad potentially outdated copies of the file (4MB).

S Stubington

20th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you so much!

Demo McDemoFace

21st Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Very useful powerpoint

Rohit Vijjhalwar

3rd Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Very Nice!

Rohan Vijjhalwar

3rd Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Great one Dr Frost, too bad this ppt is irrelevant for my year though.


7th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

this is really great stuff i am impressed i have been using your slides and materials in my teaching and enjoyed a lot my job now much easier.....

Mark Heslop

23rd Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Have you tried the teaching guide to Mechanics in the resources tab on the Edexcel A Level Maths page? It's designed for teachers who are new to Mechanics

Kymani McGregor

7th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

There is no help for new Edexcel 2017 A-level Mathematics Mechanics which i need help on the most


2nd Nov 2017 Flag Comment

This is Amazing! Thank you so much for these excellent resources


17th Aug 2017 Flag Comment

This is brilliant -thanks


17th May 2017 Flag Comment

Hi, I do AQA A-Level maths and recently purchased the Casio fx-991EX. Is this okay to use in my exams? Thanks


15th May 2017 Flag Comment

is this okay to use in edexcel C2?

Gary Wing

8th May 2017 Flag Comment

Cheers. This looks brilliant and will prove really useful to students as I suspect this calculator will be common among A level students. Just one note - slide 17 says the log base 10 button is gone: it's actually hiding on the Shift & minus button.

Charles Smith (AGS)

28th Mar 2017 Flag Comment

This is excellent thanks Jamie. Minor slip - you refer to 'mode' button rather than 'menu' in the slide for 'alpha' button.

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