Area & Perimeter (Decommissioned)

THIS RESOURCE IS LEFT HERE FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES. Please use the newer GCSE/KS3 Area of Triangles/Quadrilaterals and Area/Circumference of Circles resources.

(a) Find the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes. (b) Find the area of a triangle, trapezium, parallelogram. (c) Find the area and circumference/perimeter of circles and fractions of circles (e.g. 1/2, 1/4). (d) Appreciate strategies to find areas of composite shapes, by (i) adding areas (ii) subtracting areas, including appreciation of the 'frame' method and (iii) cutting/reforming areas. (e) Appreciate that triangles have the same area if their base and height are the same, and compare sizes of triangles by considering the proportion of base/height. (f) Find what fraction of a shape is shaded by splitting into congruent shapes.

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The teacher slides excersice 1 Question 6-20 are too hard for me. please can i have some help if you do that.


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Thank you for sharing such wisdom and the treasury of resources with the advocates of a noble profession. Teachers benefit from these as much as the students do.

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Hello, would it be possible if you could please put the answers for the Y7 area perimter excercises. Thanks, Kind Regards, John


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You can find the answers on the powerpoint lads.


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Where can I find the solutions?

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