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You can find 'Full Coverage' exam compilations here. These aim to include an example question for each type of question that might be seen in an exam.

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What is your school doing for the new A Level?

As you are likely aware, from September 2017, all exam boards will be adopting the new A Level for Maths and Further Mathematics. For those doing single Mathematics, across the two years, students will have three exam papers: Pure Mathematics 1, Pure Mathematics 2 and Statistics & Mechanics. My school will not be doing the AS, and thus all papers are taken at the end of Year 13.

My school will be using Edexcel, and we already have copies of the Pearson textbooks for each student. For Further Maths, we will be doing the full normal maths A Level within the first year, thus covering Pure 1, Pure 2 and Statistics/Mechanics. We have not yet decided on exact combinations of options for Further Mathematicians in Year 13, but this will likely feature combinations of FP1, Further Statistics and Further Mechanics (although FP2 and Further Advanced Mechanics may be thrown in the mix depending on number of classes and student demand).

For both Single Maths and Further Maths, there will be two teachers teaching each Year 12 A Level class. The structure of the first year for each teacher will be as follows: (provisional and subject to change)

This ensures that students are exposed to Core/Pure material throughout the year. We will be planning the second year at a later date.

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