Our vision as a charity is to provide high quality educational resources for all individuals and institutions regardless of income, centred around the core philosophy that education is a fundamental right of all and central to addressing social inequality on a global level. We are entirely reliant on donations to keep what we do free.

We are in the process of setting up our donation systems.

Donors (£100,000+)

  • Ben

Donors (£10,000+)

  • Mayor of London (via the Shine Trust)

Donors (£1,000+)

  • Good Thinking Society

Donors (£100+)

  • Abbey School for Exceptional Children
  • Beechwood Sacred Heart School
  • Dulwich College Maths Department
  • Geneva School
  • James Rosslyn-Smith
  • Lucton School Maths Department
  • Paul Deevoy
  • Ulink College, Nansha, Guangzhou, China
  • Vincent Van Pelt