Virtual Black Casio Calculator

A virtual scientific calculator (using the very common Casio fx-85GT PLUS) with clickable buttons that explain pretty much every operation of the calculator. Includes details of statistical calculations and generating tables of values (and a secret menu!).

S Vijay

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18th May 2022 Flag Comment

silly don

V Shah

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O Lam

1st Feb 2022 Flag Comment

A powerpoint...???

N Jim John

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N Jim John

28th Oct 2021 Flag Comment


N Jim John

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D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

H Khan

20th Feb 2021 Flag Comment

very nice calc

A Gogineni

2nd Jun 2020 Flag Comment

Where is it and why is it a PowerPoint ?

A Al Chalabi

2nd Feb 2020 Flag Comment

doesn't work when you click buttons if your using a Mac

M Chatfield

20th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

why is this a powerpoint file

S Shah

6th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

This helped me a lot I know that it can help others too.

B Taylor

6th Jun 2019 Flag Comment

very useful

S Ghani

25th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

pretty good

A Anand

20th Aug 2018 Flag Comment

why is it that when i do topic tests and achieve 100 % it doesn't give me any medals 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 same here

Arjan Singh Tucker

17th May 2018 Flag Comment

Can I use this for my End Of the Year Examination OXOXOXOXOXOOXOX

S Chopra

5th Apr 2018 Flag Comment


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27th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

thank you


31st Oct 2016 Flag Comment

Excellent in layout and presentation of the resources thank you


7th Jul 2016 Flag Comment

thanks really helped

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