Straight Line Equations (pre-GCSE)

(a) Recap: Know equations of vertical and horizontal lines (e.g. x = 3) and also y = x and y = -x. (b) Appreciate the conceptual line between lines and their equation (i.e. a line is a set of points that satisfies the equation). (c) Plot graphs usng a table of values (both linear and quadratic equations). (d) Find gradient given (i) the equation of the line or (ii) two points on the line. Appreciate gradient gradient is the y-change per unit x change. Includes negative and fractional gradients. (e) Recognise and use y = mx + c. Find equation of a line given a drawing, and vice versa. (f) Appreciate that parallel lines have the same gradient. (g) Determine the x and y intercept of a line.

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'or 1 = '1'

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On slide 4 the tenth word "equation" is supposed to have an s on the end. Disappointing

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